Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Phoenix

This is a plan that is submitted by our lawyers to the court regarding the financial affairs and capabilities of the person filing. The chapter 13 plan provides complete details about how the debtor will manage their finances, and make the required monthly plan payments. The Chapter 13 plan has to be approved by the Judge assigned to your case, and typically we seek creditor approval of certain secured debts. However, cooperation or consent of unsecured creditors such as credit cards, registration loans, and medical bills is not required, and those debts are typically discharged. Proposing this payment plan is not easy, especially if creditors objects to the amount of the payment. So, it is critical that you find a knowledgeable Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney Phoenix, who can help you in creating a plan that is best for your business or individual circumstance and gets approved. With bankruptcy, typically people are motivated by the stress cause by being in debt, and attempting to wipe the slate clean. Getting rid of your debt and getting your financial affairs back in order is possible. But, you need the right chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney Phoenix to navigate you through the process. So rather than pondering over the problem and wasting your time, it is better to consult and expert and let us explain how we can make the bankruptcy code work for you. We thrive on being able to customize a payment plan to each individual’s situation and provide a permanent solution to your financial woes. Call today for a FREE consultation.

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