Free Advice

Meet in person for free – If you are contemplating filing for bankruptcy, or have an unmanageable debt that is causing you to feel stress and potentially helpless, it is probably time to schedule a FREE, no obligation consultation where you can discuss your situation with an attorney well versed in bankruptcy law, and see if bankruptcy is the right option for you. Come prepared with any questions that you would like to ask, or any queries you may have. The free consultation is your opportunity to ask whatever questions you have, so you can feel confident that you are making the right decision, either way. Our clients are encouraged to write down any questions you may have prior to the free consultation with one of our trained bankruptcy lawyers to ensure that you leave the office with peace of mind, and know that you are heading in a positive direction. This will also give our lawyers a chance to show off their knowledge of bankruptcy by fully answering any question you may have. This way you will know that if you decide that filing bankruptcy is right for you, that you have found a reliable, knowledge, bankruptcy attorney that will take excellent care of you and your case. Remember, the initial consultation is free of charge to you.

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