Chapter 7

Making the decision to file for bankruptcy is huge. An even bigger decision than that is deciding which chapter is correct for you. Every chapter of bankruptcy is a complex being, which is why consulting a legal professional is always a wise idea. If you want to eliminate the debt all together, then filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy might be the right choice for you. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a process in which the individual’s non-exempt assets are liquidated and proceeds are distributed amongst the creditors. Generally, most assets are exempt and nothing gets liquidated. This results in the debts being wiped clean. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is one of the most common chapters filed because it is one of the quickest forms of bankruptcy. Eligibility for this form of bankruptcy is wide and not limited to single, married couples, or companies. If this type of bankruptcy is something you may consider then you could schedule a free consultation with out Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy should be as easy and painless as possible so a person can get back on his/her feet. Our knowledgeable and dedicated attorneys make their clients his priority and uses every resource and minute to help you build your bankruptcy case. Consider filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and start freeing yourself of unsecured debts. Remember, the first consultation comes free of charge. Get in contact with our Chapter 7 Bankruptcy attorney today.

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